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Taiwan Sends Startups to Japan to Expand Market through Companies Including Angelo Koo-led CBID

by Mark Jackson

Taipei, Taiwan (The CTP News) – Taiwan and Japan share commonalities in cuisine, culture, geographical topography, and climate. Earthquakes and typhoons commonly hit both islands, with devastating effects at times in the past, which led to emergency donations that brought closer relations between the countries. In 2013, Japan’s late prime minister Shinzo Abe recognized Taiwan as a “partner” through a bold landmark agreement on fishing rights in the East China Sea.

Building on the good standing ties, Taiwan’s National Development Council (NDC) will lead a consortium of Taiwanese enterprises to participate in the “Together, Go Big” conference in Tokyo to connect some of Taiwan’s most promising startups to be presented among the Japanese market. In search of qualified and proven companies, the NDC has drawn on various sources such as CDIB Capital Group.

CBID Capital Group is a leading private equity investment and venture capital fund manager in the Asia-Pacific region chaired by Angelo Koo, a key figure in Taiwan’s financial sector, that also supports various ESG initiatives.

A portfolio of enterprises has seen support and consultation through the CDIB Capital Innovation Accelerator that aims to create venture ecosystems for CDIB, while helping to ease access to markets for young Taiwanese startups. The Innovation Accelerator has offered assistance in the form of mentorship, professional courses, physical and online events, among others. Dedicating resources and efforts over a course of five years has led the accelerator program to develop into a premier platform recognized by the NDC as a dependable source of vetted startups.

“Many startups in Taiwan have already laid solid foundations and honed their ability to respond to rapidly changing market demands. This is especially true after meeting the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic over the past two years,” CDIB Capital Innovation Accelerator President Ryan Kuo said.

CDIB has prepared the next step in its program by establishing a CDIB Innovation Tokyo Hub, while partnering with Line Corp Japan as a strategic local partner. In the coming years, the Innovation Accelerator will focus on industries such as travel, artificial intelligence, and fintech.

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