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Arrested, Threatened And Assaulted On Returning Home

by Charlie Flores

Arrested, threatened and assaulted on returning home: New police abuse in the United States against a black man.

Two agents pointed their pistols at an army second lieutenant and when he said he was afraid to get out of the vehicle, they replied: “You should have it.”

New case of police abuse in the United States against a black man . On December 5, Caron Nazario , second lieutenant of the US Army Medical Corps, was returning by car to his home in Windsor (Virginia) when two agents forced him to park the vehicle at a gas station. What happened next has led him to file a lawsuit.

And it is that both agents shouted that Nazario get out of his car while they pointed their pistols at him . When he saw it, the military man put his mobile phone on the dashboard to record what could happen, put his hands out the window and asked for an explanation. In a moment of tension, the black man says he is afraid to get out of the vehicle, to which one of the agents responds: “You should have it.”

Immediately afterwards, and after refusing to leave the vehicle, that same agent sprays the face of the second lieutenant with a pepper spray repeatedly until, with his face soaked, they force him to get out of his car. “I am serving this country, and this is how they treat me?”

Nazario told the agents, according to the video on his mobile phone. As he was pulled out of the car, that same agent hit him with his knees on his ribs and they knocked him down the ground while being handcuffed.

Complaint against the agents
Now the victim of that abuse has filed a complaint against both agents for violating their constitutional rights. According to the lawsuit, Joe Gutierrez and Daniel Crocker threatened to charge him with crimes such as obstruction or assault if he decided to complain, which could destroy his career in the US military.

In his lawsuit, Nazario notes that he considered a target for being a black man. With his legal action he intends to send the message “that this type of behavior will not be tolerated,” according to his lawyer, Jonathan Arthur.

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