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Social Media Increases Interaction Between Tokyo Olympic Athletes and Fans

by Lillian Santos

Social media has become one of the tools for communication between people. Fans can follow the latest developments of players through social media. During the Tokyo Olympics, many players’ social interactions have increased significantly. Among them, Taiwan badminton player Tai, Tzu-Ying posted on FB after the final. 1.36 million likes, ranking first among athletes in the world.

Tokyo, JP(CTP News) – NBCUniversal announced that the Tokyo Olympics has nearly 6 billion minutes of streaming time on digital and social media, making it the Olympics with the most streaming media in the history of NBC Sports Digital. In addition to tracking every game of the players through TV and digital broadcasts, social media has become one of the tools for players to interact with fans. Fans can follow the latest developments of players through social media, making social media an indispensable part of many people’s lives. Or the dissemination tool has also become one of the popular indicators of athletes in the Tokyo Olympics.

After the Tokyo Olympics closed, many sports fans still congratulated the athletes who had returned to China through social media. According to statistics from Facebook, Taiwanese badminton player Tai, Tzu-Ying received 1.36 million likes in his FB post after the finals, ranking first among athletes in the world. Taiwan’s badminton player Wang, Chi-Lin, who posted more than 1.04 million likes, won second place in the world. As for the number of IG interactions, Brazilian skateboarder Rayssa Leal, with 18.44 million interactions, became the first Olympian in the number of interactions. Thus, social media increases the interaction between players and fans and provides a brand-new model for transmitting sports information.

Although the Tokyo Olympics lost ticket revenue and sponsors, viewers watched Tokyo Olympics programs through NBC’s digital and social media platforms, setting an Olympic record. NBCUniversal stated that with nearly 6 BILLION streaming minutes across digital and social media, the Tokyo Olympics is NBC Sports Digital’s most-streamed Olympics ever. More than 120 BILLION minutes of Tokyo Olympics content has been consumed across all NBCUniversal platforms (television, digital and social). Although sports fans of this Olympics cannot go to the sidelines to cheer for the players, the spirit of the Tokyo Olympics is still transmitted to every corner of the world through the digital platform.

Sports fans will constantly watch TV or various audio-visual media during the Olympics to cheer for their favorite athletes. However, sports fans in different countries have different interests in the Olympics and the accumulated time of watching the Olympics. According to statistics, as of 2021, 29% of adults said they were not interested in the event. India is the country most interested in the Olympics. At the same time, Belgium is the country with the lowest interest in the Olympics. Therefore, it is concluded that Indian player Neeraj Chopra, who has won India’s first Olympic gold medal, will be welcomed by Indians.

The next Olympic Games will be held in Paris in 2024, including 32 sports events. There will be tens of thousands of athletes from more than 200 countries participating in 306 medal events. The 2024 Summer Olympic Games includes 306 sub-events in 32 sports events, among which breakdancing, which will stage the Olympic debut, is one of them. The breakdance competition focuses on the dancer’s footsteps and complex movements, such as backflips, handstand spins, etc. During the athletes’ match (called b-boys and b-girls), the judges will give scores to the players according to a series of criteria and requirements, including technical skills, creativity, style, speed, strength, rhythm, and agility, for the development of sports events A new milestone.

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