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Change the Environment & Living Habits to Improve Sleep Quality

by Makayla Larsson
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Do you have sleep problems during the pandemic? To improve sleep quality, you can try to practice from the sleeping environment, eating habits, and daily routines.

Geneva, CH (The CTP News) – According to recent data from the Sleep Foundation, the pandemic has caused a 37% increase in insomnia. The pandemic has caused people to feel fear and anxiety and even triggered the Covidsomnia phenomenon, but we can try to change the environment and living habits to improve sleep quality.

Suppose you have problems with insomnia, in addition to trying to improve your sleep quality. In that case, it is recommended to ask a professional doctor for advice and ask a doctor for help and treatment.

Ways to improve sleep quality:

1. Comfortable sleeping environment
Cool temperature helps sleep. Choose comfortable mattresses and non-sultry products to create a comfortable sleeping environment. It is recommended to sleep better at 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, but the actual temperature is still based on your feelings.

2. Stay away from light when sleeping
When sleeping, the body secretes melatonin. Studies have found that the light emitted by electronic products can inhibit melatonin production, so you should avoid using the screen as much as possible before going to bed. If the sleeping environment is not dark enough, please consider using eye masks.

3. Maintain exercise habits
National Sleep Foundation research shows that people with exercise habits can have better sleep quality. During the pandemic, people need to relieve stress, so they also need to maintain exercise habits.

4. Don’t take caffeine
To get a good night’s sleep, stop drinking caffeinated liquids at least 6 hours before bedtime. Coffee, tea, and chocolate all contain caffeine, which may affect sleep. Trying to drink a glass of warm milk before going to bed is also one way to improve the quality of sleep.

5. Stay away from alcohol before going to bed
Some people drink alcohol before going to bed. They think that taking some alcohol can help them sleep. However, studies have shown that it is more difficult for people to enter deep sleep after ingesting alcohol.

6. Fixed sleep habits
Before going to bed, both physically and mentally, you need to relax. You can listen to light music, meditate, read, and take a bath to help your brain and emotions enter a state of relaxation. Also, try to go to bed and get up at a fixed time.

7. Do not use drugs arbitrarily
If you are uncomfortable or have symptoms of illness that affect your sleep, please seek professional assistance first. Please do not use drugs by yourself.

Insomnia can cause many physical and mental problems. Physiologically, insomnia may cause issues such as the body’s metabolic capacity, the decline of the immune system, and the lack of memory and concentration. In the heart, insomnia may cause emotional anxiety, depression, easy anger, and other problems. Therefore, please pay attention to insomnia. In addition to trying to improve the quality of sleep, you should seek the help of a doctor.

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