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Start Nostalgic Trip on Hsinchu Beimen Street

by Charlie Flores
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Are you tired of the city’s department stores and attractions? Hsinchu Beimen Street is an old street with ancient buildings and delicious local food, which is very suitable for cultural tourism!

Hsinchu, Taiwan (The CTP News) – The Beimen Street area is a commercial area developed early in Hsinchu City. It has architectural styles from different periods. You can learn about the evolution of Taiwanese culture from the architecture. This is a beautiful and nostalgic place, and it is also a recommended spot for in-depth travel.

Historical Buildings

Beimen Street has buildings of various periods, including Imitation baroque, Modern Architecture, brick houses, and other architectural features. Most of the buildings are more than a hundred years old or even older. Walking here is like entering a time tunnel full of a historical atmosphere.

Hsinchu Chang Ho Temple

Founded in 1742, Chang Ho Temple is one of the most famous temples in Hsinchu, and it is listed as a cultural asset of Hsinchu City—the third-class historic site. In ancient times, this was the office of businessmen, but now it is the most important Mazu faith center in Hsinchu, and many local people will come to pray.

Recommended Food

Hsinchu delicacy “Yi-noodles” has the reputation of “Hsinchu people must have eaten.” It is a delicacy that locals will introduce to tourists. Every mealtime, customers who eat Yi-noodles start to line up. Yi-noodles add unique sauces and order a bowl of soup, which is a super delicious local match.

Traffic Information

By car: Get off the Hsinchu Interchange, turn left from Guangfu Road to the downtown area, turn left on Zhonghua Road, turn to Dongmen Street and go straight to Zhongshan Road to arrive at Chenghuang Temple. The opposite of Chenghuang Temple is Beimen Street.

By car: You can take the city bus on 5, 10, 11, 20, 23 and get off at Chenghuang Temple.

On foot: Beimen Street is opposite the Chenghuang Temple, and Chang Ho Temple can be seen at the end.

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